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Third Gen Automotive, formerly known as Roy Nacewicz Enterprises, is your premier source for correct bolts, nuts and locks, as well as other authentic hardware and related products for 1928 to 1953 Ford and Mercury restoration projects. Our kits feature thick head unmarked bolts in correct thread count, length, etc., all in original Ford specified finishes. Let us add some enjoyment to the assembly portion of your restoration or traditional rod building experience.


Click to open the catalogue of interest below. You may place an order by phone or email.  Most folks prefer phone in orders to better assure themselves that the needed kits are being ordered. We are happy to review your kit choices for adequacy while we take the order. To facilitate email orders, we have made our order form “fillable” for your convenience. Simply complete the order form linked below.

For those of you not familiar with our operation, you may be surprised to find that we are “restorers” first, and “suppliers” second. We openly compete in national competitions not only to satisfy our personal desires, but also to keep in touch with the problems facing today’s restorers.


To our knowledge, we are the only major Ford supplier to do this. We intend to continue these pursuits and urge other suppliers to do likewise. It is not our intention, however, to compete in the market place with other suppliers. We started offering our own products because they could not be obtained elsewhere, or in some cases, the available reproduction was not to our exacting standards. Likewise, we have no dealer network. We prefer to work one on one with our customers and attempt to supply only those items that are desired and/or required.


Third Gen Automotive

Tel: (844) 327-5988

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